Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Hello everyone hope y'all are doing great. How was the Sallah ? Omo yours truly was on a party crashing spree oh. In fact today I'm just about to have the last of the jollof rice and meat I got last Tuesday for lunch at work. Yes !!! Two big bowls in the freezer.

Big shout out to bloggers, especially all the ones I stalk. It's one hell of a hard job I have been made to realise. Despite changing name, putting your whole life out there is so damn hard. That was the idea behind going anonymous in the first place - so I could document without fear or favour. Even with that so many things come to my head and I just wanna type. But then I hold back again.

Shout out to my friends, Yemisi and Jumoke. I have never told anyone I know about this , first because I have only but a few posts and also because I want to be as free as possible with my thoughts.. Yet they found it. And instead of the goats telling me they go ahead to put comments, tracing my whole genealogy, forgetting I have to approve the comments before they get published. Mschewww. Sorry girls, I love you but you guys will just kill the purpose. Still not sure how you found me but I will not be publishing those comments(and any similar smart-by-half ones you might drop in future). Here's hoping I can count on you people keeping your lips sealed.

Anyways, its the middle of the week already(a slow one though) and I see a very sleepy weekend ahead. Work is so stressful these days. To make matters worse I sit just near my boss mehnnn. Maybe I will be typing my posts in Microsoft Word or Outlook first and then sharply copy and paste when he goes for lunch or something.

Oh and I have a random question this Who Wednesday :



  1. Thanks for stopping by.

    I totally feel you ba putting your life out on the web. I have thought of changing names a few times but then again.....

  2. Lol abi o. Even just read a post on someone's husband finding her blog and it scared me. Today I wanted to gossip about the front desk babe at my office but no liver. Instead I started writing a short story. Hopefully tomorrow I write it. Thanks for stopping too. Much love

  3. I followed here from Bellanchi's blog where you mentioned that you followed the link on my blog to get there! So you're hiding ehn? Your boss, the front desk babe at your office & I will 'fish' you out lol!

  4. Choiii em em em okay so yesterday i kept smiling when I was reading your blog. My boss caught on and promptly loaded me with work o. So I prayed you wouldn't see that Bellanichi thing till Saturday(the plan being to bombard your blog with sweet nothings today so that you wont' even remember to vex). And I thought God answered oh ! Oya sorry. Thanks for the luv tho. Stalk you once im done writing this paper. Muah !!!


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