Thursday, October 31, 2013


Good morning good people how are you all doing? I have promised I won’t be one of the people who always come to complain about how there’s no time to blog but there really is no time oh.

 Guess it’s too late to ask how your weekend went abi ? Sorry oh. How did it go all the same? Ada give us the fashion gist na. As for me I slept well on Saturday, then went out on Sunday and had all the fun in the world.

Woke up on Monday with a vicious headache, sore throat, blocked nose and some badass fever, all of which heralded the arrival of Auntie Chichi (the red dragon). So week’s been busy and crazy with cramps and all the attendant irritating symptoms. I am trying very hard not to be cranky at work. Thank God she will pack her load by tonight or tomorrow latest and allow me enjoy my weekend.

How’s life and work? I haven’t even been able to stalk my regulars this week. Choi ! From tomorrow I intend to embark on a three day prayer program that my boss should just go on a pre-christmas vacation. I hope you will fast and join me. God bless you as you do so.

These days I’m really grateful for Fridays and can’t wait for them to come. I’ve just not felt right all week mehn plus I've been slow. I have felt a significant drop in I.Q. Hang in there ! Friday is here !

Sweet weekend, sweet weekend
That calls me from my week of care
And stops me from going off the bend
Thus saving me from my boss’s snare
After my week of distress and grief
My soul has often found relief
And I never want you to end
Sweet weekend, sweet weekend

(Yes I know, just keep your comments mehn)


  1. LMAOO! At the picture! That's exactly how I feel right now. I can almost see Friday peeping through the corner.


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