Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I can understand this article looking stupid. Im sorry. I wrote it in December and just somehow didnt post it. You can wait till December to come and read it. Or you can hiss and use some words you cant say to my face and scroll on.

Its that time of the year where the whole air is full of dust and your throat feels sore and uncomfortable. At this time, we usually make sure we keep our skin and lips well moisturised to avoid flaking and cracking. But what do you do about your hair?
We all talk about how the weather affects our hair but do we really do anything to reduce the effects on our hair   ? Well you need to start doing something, seeing as there will be many outings and parties this season, and you don’t want to show up looking scary.
During this season, the sun strips the hair of its natural oils, and dry heat increases this effect.
In dealing with your hair this season, whether it be choosing hairstyles or maintaining the one you are already wearing, you would do well to bear the following tips in mind:
1.      Make sure you choose a moisturising shampoo, even if you do not normally use one. Also very many conditioners come with Uv protection. You might just look out for this on the bottle before you buy. Since the weather is dry, your scalp is dry too and it would need extra moisture.
2.      Keep your hair extensions clean and well oiled too.
3.      When combing either your hair or your extensions, start with your fingers, then a big comb, before a smaller one. Starting with a small one can pull and damage your already dry and brittle scalp.
4.      Avoid using too much heat, meaning less blow dryers or curling or flat irons. If you cant avoid it, protect your tresses by using a good leave in conditioner as well as protective heat serum or spray.
5.      If you have brittle hair, try to avoid hairstyles such as ponytail which would require you leaving out natural hair that you have to keep combing as your hair may fall out especially since it may tangle and get rougher due to the weather.
6.      When it comes to exfoliating, you may need to reduce your use of  your facial scrub as over-scrubbing could damage your skin, leaving it feeling rough and hard.
7.      When it comes to braids, we all agree they make us beautiful, just as we agree they result in massive hair loss. If your scalp is fragile and sensitive, this is the wrong time to braid. If you must, do avoid tiny ‘one million braids’. It is better to wear big braids. Also you might want to consider the ‘brush’ style which seems to be the braiding trend now. With the brush, the stylist doesn’t have to pick the tiny strands along the line of your forehead thus eliminating the risk of losing your hair.
8.      You should wash out your hair after swimming, as chlorine from the swimming pool can damage it when combined with the effect of the sun. Even if you are on vacation and you are swimming at sea or the beach, the salt can also damage your hair.
9.      Be careful not to over wash, as this could also over dry the hair.
10.  Use a soft brush. A hard one might seem easier and faster, but it leaves your scalp weak and your hair brittle.
Remember that dryness simply means you will need more moisture. Make sure you have good quality hair oil and sprays for extra sheen for whatever hair you wear, whether low or long, natural, braided or human. Our hair is our crowning glory and we should keep it looking nice and beautiful, regardless of the weather.
Stay moisturised and pretty !

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