Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Its my blog so ill write whatever I please, right ? Hmmm so here goes : well we all have blackberries now and well, seeing as we pay an extra fee in order to enjoy the special services that are available only to users of the device, however small, its understandable that we would like to send broadcasts ,surest and fastest way to share something with all or most of your blackberry contacts.
  Thus because its so fast and time-saving and caters to a large number of needs, its the surest most annoyingly used feature on the blackberry device, actually revealing the iq level of those who use it. Yes. I said IQ.
Anyways my simple point is that you do not have to send stupid broadcasts all the time. There's this saying :

'Better to shut your mouth and be thought stupid, than open it and completely remove all doubt'

Same goes for bcs. Better not to type or forward the one you have received and be thought stupid, than to type or forward, and completely remove all doubt.

Send them when it will be useful. Maybe for traffic updates, or job or contract openings(in which case it'd be nicer to take the pain to select only a group of people),or to warn and inform or something drastic such as a fire, accident or robbery(which you have confirmed by the way).

You can also send if you need help promoting your business, particularly with marketing and sales. But abeg not daily. Not even weekly.

Please do not write : BROADCAST THIS TO TEN PEOPLE OR ELSE YOU WILL BE STRUCK BY LEPROSY. Matter of fact, if anyone sends a message ending with a threat of something bad happening in the event that you dont forward it, thank God for revealing this before the person gets you in bigger trouble and delete the person INSTANTER !!!!

Do your best to limit the greetings to festive days/periods. Theres no need to wish everybody 'Happy New Week' every single week. It just makes you seem idle and possibly bored.

Oh and during the RIM brouhaha people actually said bbs will be deactivated if some broadcasts weren't forwarded i.e they believe that payment of BIS and use of the phone is not enough. In order to save the phone, you have to send everyone a message to change dp so their phones can keep working. Hian !!!This is a fundamental issue, way more serious than bb abuse. I wee treat it in another post.

Nuff said for now.

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  1. heheheheheheheeh Chisos! With all due respect Bubba, you are a nut case ooo.. :) :) ":) aha! what happen ni?! Okay i so hate those "send this to 100 people or you will die of heart attack" BC's i mean Christianity isnt a war nah, its a choice... I so love this post, i was just smiling sheepishly all the way. Wow, it haf teyed since you have been on blogsville oh! I so wanna be like thee when i grow up. Plus i so admire your sense of humor biko, you too much Bubba. :) Cheers. Oya bye bye.


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