Tuesday, December 31, 2013


You know by now my post titles are always emmmmmmmmm lets say unparalleled. This particular one was inspired by Jay-Z ‘s song, not what your’e thinking. I’d rather ignore that one.

Anyways, WOW!!! It’s New Year ’s Eve already. For me I must say it’s been a bumpy ride. I wasn’t on blogsville at the beginning of the year. Just been on a few months and it’s been a wonderful ride. This place is a beautiful world with so many beautiful people who have encouraged and inspired me. God bless you all.
So much love around here and so little beef (Or maybe I haven’t seen because I’m still a JAMBITE). All the same it’s been some year.

In 2013 I had major financial issues especially before I changed jobs. I was just always broke.
In 2013 I went through a massive breakup. I was totally stupid and for the first two months after it happened I did not cry or feel sad. I blocked it out completely cos there were so many parts I regret. As soon as I log on to facebook and see his update, I’ll just scroll past like nothing was wrong.
Took me 9 weeks to finally admit it was over (or perhaps never even really started) and then I went on to stalk him on social media like a high school girl(so my friend told me oh) abi do adults do the stalking thing ?

Thank God for a friend who equally went through worse (actually broke up weeks before weddin after very many years). Made me realize sometimes when we go through stuff, God expects us to help people with our experiences and strengthen them. I know it’s hard sometimes to share all that personal stuff but you will find out some have it worse and need the little encouragement you can give. Or have it less worse but have been magnifying it in their minds and drowning in self pity. By the time my friend was done talking to me based on what she had gone through, I started to feel better, even stupid. Her weddin was just weeks away and she had to cancel stuff and answer all kinds of questions. So what did I go through that I was acting like the heavens would come crashing down? Also within a year after that she met and married someone else.

Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

I achieved a major educational milestone. It was just God.
I changed jobs. That was God too. My old job was so frustrating. People constantly shouted at me on the phone. I swear it’s hard to keep customers and clients happy. People are so difficult to deal with. This actually got me closer to God. Forget all the man troubles. The job thing was my major prayer point. I just kept crying inside.
I never had free time. My phone would ring at odd hours with customers needing attention like I’m their maid. To go for lunch sef na die. But God showed up. The only one day I got a break I read the office newspaper and found the opening. Applied on my phone. Boss travelled next day and so I went for interview and just got it. This is just a summary oh. The real story is more dramatic. But yes I’m full of thanks. Oh for a thousand tongues to sing ………….

I got closer to God. I have always yearned for this. Was always too lazy. Fasting seemed impossible. I also couldn’t pray for more than five minutes at a go. This year I prayed and fasted till my job came. Yes, no fronting. Troubles pushed me to God. I have also started reading my bible extensively. I didn’t finish it. Matter of fact I’m around halfway(Job 5 for Old testament and Acts 11 for New Testament). Still I’m grateful for his grace despite my unfaithfulness. I will get there. Filthy me, who am I?
Lost a sweetheart from way back in school also. Gentle babe. Spirit filled. One of those people so good they made you feel inadequate. Yet very humble. Died having her first child. Really sad.

I grew stronger and learnt to ignore bad belle. Everyone needs this. I used to buy size 6 clothes and still adjust with the tailor. Everyone would make funny remarks and call me names. Now I am a size 10 bursting out. Same people are telling me how fat I am. To be fair I didn’t like being a 6 cos some clothes were wearing me instead of the other way round so it was easy for them to prey on my insecurities. Now I love being a 10 and I would behave myself and stay this way but No ! I would not lose a gram for anyone. I look in the mirror and I like what I see. Badonkadonks lookin nice in jeans or bodycon dresses. Make up your mind about yourself. Even if you need to add or lose weight, don’t allow anyone rub it in for you. When it comes to your body listen only to yourself. The song that always works in this situation is Follow your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves. Trust me it’s a good one!!! Learn to sing it. Or paste the lyrics on your room wall.

In this New Year, I hope to get even closer to God. I have a feeling there have been many times he tried to pass a message to me and I somehow was just not settled enough to listen. I also plan to do something new. Something significant. Dasall. No long story. Oh and also I will not watch Miley Cyrus ‘Adore you’ . Heard too much about it already.

Post getting too lengthy. To everyone reading this:

It is well with you
You and your loved ones will not cry in this coming year
Next year will end with you alive
May you find love happiness and cheer
The Lord shall make his face shine upon you
You shall live in abundance and
The God of all peace shall give you peace everyday and in every way. Unquestionable, incomprehensible peace. That you will bask in regardless of whatever goes on around you.

Oh before I go here are my top 20 most played songs this year (in no particular order).
1.     Ghost Mode – Phyno & Olamide
2.    All of me – John Legend
3.    Royals – Lorde
4.    Blurred lines – Robin Thicke (just always gets me moving)
5.    Jaiye jaiye – Wizkid
6.    Thrift shop – Macklemoore(for the concept and lyrics. He had the guts to break out without singing about drugs and fast cars. Also he appealed to that cheap or if you like prudent/parsimonious part of most of us we all try to hide).
7.    The Kick - Wande Coal (I always turn up the volume when this song starts)
8.    Let her Go – Passenger
9.    Don’t you worry child – Swedish House Mafia
10. Summertime Sadness – Lana Del Rey
11.  Eminado – Tiwa Savage
12.  Mamas broken heart – Miranda Lambert
13.  Done – The band Perry
14. When I was your man – Bruno Mars (used to imagine my ex singing it to me in ten years after I’m married to a billionaire with two cute kids).
15.  Cups (when I’m gone) – Anna Kendrick (this one I imagined singing to him)
16.  Pullover – Kcee ft Wizkid (lasted two weeks but those two weeks eh?)
17.  I drive your truck – Lee Brice
18.  Limpopo – Kcee
19.  More of you – Anita Wilson

And finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

20. ADA ADAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOO Pekem pekem iya iya pekem ………………..

Happy New Year in advance!!!!!! I lourrvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee you all!!!!!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. I just wanted to stop by and tell you I appreciate you. Happy new year.

  2. Happy New Year TLG. To you and yours...
    Greatness awaits.

    Oh yes, may the desires of your heart come to a start.
    To new beginnings, new adventures and new chapters in the book called life

    1. Awwww thanks and you too love. Have the most amazing year ever

  3. Happy New Year, this Lagos girl!

  4. Happy New Year, this Lagos girl!

  5. Happy New YEAR hun.
    Here is to many more celebrations and testimonies. xxx
    2014, we shall conquer. x

    1. Amen love. We're starting well and we'll end even better

  6. Replies
    1. Yaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!! Thanks !!!!! You too. *big hug*


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