Monday, December 23, 2013


Hello loves,

I totally apologise for the break oh, I haven't even been reading any blogs.

I tell you work is so cray cray right now, I'm not even talking about the volume, I can totally live with that mehn but the look in boss eyes each day gets scarier and scarier.

I feel like I'll be getting a dismissal letter for a new year's gift. I pray it doesn't happen oh but honestly I'm just scared and  confused at work.

We're not having any christmas party or bonuses(nothing at all). We only get the 25th and 26th off and work is still as busy as ever. There's only one sad excuse for a tree at the reception. That's the only sign of the holidays around here.

I pray so hard every day that work goes well and I don't have any issues. So much drama around me. God dey sha.

Even scared of posting all the drama before my boss finds it.

I will anyways jor seeing as I have started applying for new jobs or maybe when I get a new one ........................................ still deliberating.

 My laptop and blackberry are spoilt and works so busy. When i get home, I'm tired and too lazy to type a whole post on touchscreen with the only sensible device left. I just love keypads abeg, call me whatever.

I'll do my best, I love you all, lemme do some blog rounds.

Merry Christmas darlings,



  1. Happy Holidays and a Wonderific New Year to you hun :)

  2. Thank you my blogger boo. Whats d Christmas plan

  3. Eeh yah, pele! Lol the thought of a boss getting scarier and scarier is hard to stomach so I'll start praying for you. Merry Christmas to you jare :)

    1. Thank you so much love, I'll be needing your prayers seriously

  4. Theres a whole bunch of folks pulling me in a million different directions but i think in actuality i will end up spending the week in my parents house, chilling in my pajamas, eating cheerios and watching cartoons with my niece lol.


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