Friday, December 27, 2013

E DEY PAIN ME #justiceforalice

Hello everyone,

I know I seem to be late on this matter but better late than never. How was Christmas ? Had malaria and a sore throat so I couldn't bring myself to type a proper post.

In case you do not understand my topic, I'ma explain it to you.

E DEY PAIN ME is self explanatory.

The hashtag on the other hand is something that we are getting to trend. In summary it is about a 34 year old Nigerian woman, Alexandra Ossai was until about two weeks ago a supervisor with a certain Toppan Company on a monthly salary of N17,000.00 or if you like $106 !!!! She worked hard, six days a week.

Her Lebanese boss, Kaveh Noine (as the story goes) saw a container on the floor and hit her in the chest for negligence and proceeded to attempt to fire her but later said it was her last warning.

The next day he said she looked like a mad woman and beat her up, including a hard kick in the tummy, thus killing her seven month old pregnancy and resulting in other health complications that she had to undergo emergency surgery to save her life.

If you have not seen this hashtag on twitter, you have been sleeping on a bicycle. Police said the matter wasn't reported early enough *rolling eyes* and the boss in question is now at large.

By 9am today, there will be a peaceful protest at the company.I swear I'd be there if I wasn't stuck at work but I'm following the story as much as I can.

The company is on Ladipo Oluwole Street in Ikeja Industrial Estate off Oba Akran. You guys know that street na, where all the Lebanese and Indian companies are and their unskilled workers roll out en masse during rush hour, looking all shades of scruffy.

These things where people get killed, maimed and lose parts of their bodies for no reason need to stop. If you can't join the protest, do something : pray for those protesting, pray for the woman concerned, pray for her family that they bear the loss well, pray she gets strong soon, pray she gets a better job, pray for justice, find the hashtag and retweet, report if you have connections, reblog this or do a post your own way.

Just do something !!!!

Much love.

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  1. Oh wow! I have just seen this. So sad, hope justice was done!


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