Friday, December 6, 2013



 I know you na, you can’t see this kind of title and move on. Lailai. See your face.

Some people are just so so sick. The sad part is they don’t even know it.

So anyways we’ve been having some water problems in the house. Yesterday, the plumber came in the morning and checked it out. He gave an estimate of stuff he needed to buy and left. We all had to go to work so he couldn’t come back immediately. The plan was for the first person to get back from work to call him to come fix it. Anyways I got in just after my cousin who had already called him and he sent over one of his boys.

I got in tired and was having a cold shower. As soon as I finished washing my face and I opened my eyes, I looked straight at the window and there he was, staring with his mouth open. Idiot. I was going to open the window to hit him in the face but then he fled fast enough. This boy is just an apprentice. I doubt he’s more than 17 years old. So he saw aunty like me and still had the guts to look.

I just got so irritated. I was done but I washed again. I felt so dirty. The way his mouth was open was so annoying. I wished his eyes were closed. I’d have poured bleach or disinfectant down his throat. Omo oloshi.

Only for me to get to work this morning and see “KANSAS WOMAN RUNS TOPLESS THROUGH STORE”. Of course I had to read it na. So I open it and the story is not as crazy as I thought. Summary is the babe(Jeanne Ouellette) was in the department store’s dressing room only for this son of the doomed one to be recording it on his phone. Immediately she caught the fool he started running and without thinking she ran after him, hand across her boobs but then he made it to the front door first and she had to stop. She screamed and the clothed ones helped chase and eventually catch him. That fool would have taken the video home and done all kinds of gross things or even posted it on the internet.

As soon as I read it, I immediately abandoned my work and signed in to blogger. I just had to rant.

I hope there’s VIP reserved for such debauchees in hell.





Goodbye ! Lol


  1. People are seriously depraved. Makes me glad i don't have a window in my bathroom

  2. Oh no! I so couldn't see this title and move on. Eh! Seriously? (that's all I can say with a look of disgust on my face of course). Loving the bleach/disinfectant idea though.

  3. @ Lady Ngo, really annoying, the useless small boy. It's a good thing I opened my eyes. What if he recorded and I never did ? I ll just find myself on youtube ? The horror.

    @ Efua boo thanks much for stoppin luv. It's my definition of sick

  4. Okay... I am a guy, so i will be as sincere, and as real as I can be.. You said the nigga was 17 nah, now what he did was wrong, but he probably needed to see all he read about.. Trust me ms TLG, you dont wanna know the way the mind of a 17 year old virgin works oh... **runsaway...


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