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This post is to prove I am alive and well. Last wrote in May. Changed jobs around the time and well……………………..  I don’t know what to say except things have changed.

Anyways let’s start with the sisterhood awards.

Thank you very much Toin baby for tagging me. I don’t know why Aunty Duru hasn’t tagged me when I and he are clearly sisters.(I and he feels weird, me and him is sweeter abi) ?

 My answers to the ten questions are:
Pet Peeve
Fake accents
e.g. those boarding announcement airport people Image result for what is this one saying
Last text
 Rme Image result for rolling my eyes gif
Pepsi or Coke
I know the difference but I dunt give a shot
 Image result for coke vs pepsi
I secretly judge overweight people
Woman gets on danfo and screams “shift”. I move like I shifted i.e. fake shift and smile. What I actually want to do inside is to reply “You sef shrink” 
Bucket List
I will tell you when I make one
 Who remembers all dese heavy buckets btw 
Image result for bucket list
Friends with myself
Of cozzz men I’ll be my own evil bestie
 Isnt this boy cute ?
Image result for friends with myself
Secret weapon to lure men
Aint nobody gat time to lure o.
Caveat : Perhaps when I’m done chasing these yamayama ones around me. When Im ready I will lure 
Image result for lure men
with :
Image result for lure men
What I want to know about the future
How rich will I be ?????
 Image result for rich
What to change about secondary school experience
Nothing really. I got away with a lot.
 Change for what ? Again I roll my eyes 
Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings all the way
 Not this type sha
Image result for happy ending

I nominate : Toinlicious , Duru (my sister in the blog), Madamchiso (been a while I commented but I miss you), Oyin (you are my role model, you just refuse to see it, when is the next shoe give-away ?), and finally Ysincerely.

However you guys need to understand that for the fact that my post contained images, I can't answer the questions below now, as I am want of strength. I will in the comment sections when you post. Lol. Toin stop doing this to me so I stop doing it to people.

My own questions are as follows:
Single or Taken ?
Best day of the week
Favorite color
Favorite singer
Greatest accomplishment
Best food
Favorite post on your blog
Narrate the latest episode in the series of your life titled, Dear Lord, Why Me?

Looooooool Toin, I gatchu mennn just start talking !!!!!!

Lol I’m not sure but I get this silly feeling these tables are annoying to you guys. Should I switch to graphs? Please send your requests, comments and insults to thislagosgirl@yahoo.com . If you people don’t respond, I will create a twitter poll and tag you all 15 times a day until you do.

Now to my second topic, Coloscopie: Y’all know I love French so Coloscopie is French for colonoscopy. In case you didn’t know,

Colonoscopy : is a test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine (rectum and colon). He or she uses a thin, flexible tube called a colonoscope to look at the colon. A colonoscopy helps find ulcers, colon polyps, tumors, and areas of inflammation or bleeding. – webmd, Nov 14, 2014.

In short, it is a very invasive procedure where the doctor gets to get up yours.

Here’s why its relevant: For a while now, I’ve lived at home, as in with my parents. One thing my dad knows how to do is to ask questions, Jesus. I used to call it “the interview”. Like if anything happens in the house, I’ll just tell the person, get ready for the interview. However the interview has upgraded/graduated and has now become the colonoscopy. Popc is literally up your ass mehnn fooooorrrrrrrrrreaaaaal mehn youknow wharamsaying ?

I have had to travel a couple of times with my new job and when I get home mennn I shower, have dinner etc and when I say goodnight, he’ll just call me back and asks a question, another, and another, five more, sub-questions arising from the answers, sub-sub questions, secondary questions, and tertiary questions from the answers thereof, by which time the sleep has cleared from my eyes. That man doesn’t relent mennnnnnnn. And you never know when he has your time or when he doesn’t. Anyways to be safe, I always prepare for the colonoscopy. Lol if any of my siblings or family members sees this, its over o because even though nobody knows about dis blog, there’s no way to deny this crap. Na me start the colonoscopy slang for that house lmao .

Meanwhile, when are you blogger people gonno do a hook up somtin? You guys need to do it and let Toin do the post so I can see everyone’s faces. You know I’m anonymous so I can’t come abi should we all wear masks? I'm itching for action this Christmas o……….

Anyway hope y’all enjoyed this piece.

P.s : I’m now on a fitfam p so I now sign out thus:
Peace, Love & Sharwarma Smoothies



  1. Well look who we have here! Eh, as per #4 your secretly judging me abi?!? smh lol. Welcome back to your blog crazy girl

  2. hehehehehheheheh @ "You Sef Shrink.." lmao! **In Egbo Toin's voice. Fadalawwwddd... this geh wihh not come and goan kihh omolomo with laugh oh! heheheheheheh So the picSHurs had me laughing like a Hyena! You do know that ya full of life sha.. **Wears Mr. Nigeria smile... And see me thinking i was the only Confused one around here.. Laughs in Spanish.. and then Trust me Nne.. My father is Double the FBI interrogator your Dad is.. Guess he dinnor comean goan do Law for nothing ni **Winks..

    Oh you did not! Aha! Et u Brutus?! Holl uP! So all of you wanna turn me to Woman by force.. ah! Sister ko, BFF ni.. I cover my head with River Jordan Water.. Koleshishe.. ah! I am straight pass Ruler oh! DiaRRis no Sister anything in me.. (i can like to be BFF sha.. You know they always get Lucky.. **Runs away) heheheheheh Thank you so much for making my Morning.. I have been laughing so hard ehhnnn.. My Cheeks Hurt..

    Ah! Yes ohh! Me sef want Blogger hangout.. The crowd is changing on here so rapidly.. aYam like where is EfferyboRRy?! But **Whispers Insha Allah yeah.. aYaf plans to See and Kidnap Toin in some days eh.. Stay Connected and i wihh gist you.

    P.S: Dear Me. TLG, I beg you in the name of Chioma my Future geh friend.. Dont go AWOL on us again nah.. We cannot be missing you like this.. daRRis Man inhumanity to fellow man :( Cheers.. Should Write you soon.. and please lets do I.G shall we?!

  3. She's alive!!!!! It's a miracle but she's alive!!!!!!!!

    Welcome back babes. Good to have you back. I'm working on my comeback too and i wont stop tagging you until you become regular on here. Nonsense behaviour! (like i'm one to talk lool)

    I really love these your memes lool and your dad is certainly a trip!
    Let me try to answer your question here.
    1. Singu to stupor!!! *wails* epp me, i'm suvvring
    2. Saturday!!!
    3. I really don't do favs but I'm liking red and black (not necessarily together) for now. I love me my red or black nails
    4. No favs but I really love Pink and John Legend and a host of others
    5. Not sure yet. I'm working on it
    6. Series, occasional, sweet tooth (epp me)
    7. I don't have. I struggle with food (epp me)
    8. Not accomplishing all i want
    9. Ah, this is too difficult. My blog used to be a mess because of the crazy happenings in my life. Wayyy too many favs. You can check out this: http://www.toinlicious.blogspot.com.ng/2011/11/proposals-part-2-its-cougar-town.html
    this too: http://www.toinlicious.blogspot.com.ng/2012/08/justdoit.html
    this: http://www.toinlicious.blogspot.com.ng/2012/07/quickie.html
    this: http://www.toinlicious.blogspot.com.ng/2014/01/im-back-with-gist.html
    10. Done and dusted!

  4. Better late than never right? How's the the work coming along? Mehn I crave that kain job that will allow me tour all the countries in the world just for the sake of building my plots :-)
    Did I thank you for keeping your questions simple and sharp? Osheeey...oya lemme answer sharpsharp before I move on to the next task here...

    1. Single or Taken ? Very taken. Wedding bells ringing...
    2. Best day of the week. I do love Wednesdays dunno why maybe because I grew up knowing it's a day set aside for fasting which I do...sometimes!
    3. Favorite color? Can I make that colors? Brown. Red. Blue...yes in that order
    4. Favorite singer? Christopher Adam Daughtry
    5. Greatest accomplishment? Ah I still got a long way to go so i'm not gonna tag it
    6. Indulgencies? Sleeping. Fantasizing
    7. Best food? Still eba with ila alasepo (yes I know to stay fit but it's still my favorite jor)
    8. Fears? This is deep...sometimes I fear i'll never be good enough
    9. Favorite post on your blog? Dr Says
    10. Narrate the latest episode in the series of your life titled, Dear Lord, Why Me? You see this right here I'll have to sign in as anonymous to tell the tale :-)

  5. Lol @ No. 3. I know the difference but I can't be bothered. Anyone goes.

    Welcome back


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