Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I think my issue these days is that work stress has considerably reduced. Things got so busy I did not have anything close to a life any more. And so with us having a lull and my boss on leave, I have suddenly realized how much time I have on my hands. And really I think I’d rather just go back to my workaholic life when there was no balance. The biggest of my worries now is what people do with free time. I have absolutely no idea how to handle it. Do I read? Write a book? Jump? Jog? Have sex? Volunteer?

And what happens when I finish that activity and there’s more time left  ??????

I am loving the wrong boy right now. I was so sure this would never happen to me again, but here I am, acting like a teenager and finding it hard to ignore the red light on my phone. How do you run away from something that is in your head?

Chai to think I was so sure I was done with this crap. Rme. Honestly anybody have any ideas on how to get over somebody? This crap is really bothering me.  I need me some tough love mehnnn. Like Wiz Khalifa said, the worst feeling is pretending you don’t care about something, when really it’s all you seem to think about.

What happens when he’s all you can think about and he just don’t give a rat’s furry ass? What happens when he’s your Prince Charming, and you’re not his Cinderella?

So yeah we have this tenant dude that is always always always beating his wife. There’s always some fight or the other. They’ve got kids who are used to watching all the fighting. The kids don’t even cry or do anything. They just find a quiet corner of some other room to play.

However on a fateful Sunday morning some weeks ago, the bush meat caught the hunter. We weren’t called until it got ugly but the eye witness version said that they had a fight earlier on Saturday but by evening things had started returning to normal (how does that work by the way?)Or so Mr. Man thought, because the creditor has a better memory than the debtor.

Anyhoo Sunday morning and they were all just chilling at home (I thought all Nigerian Christian families; normal or dysfunctional go to church on Sundays). Wifey says her two younger brothers would be visiting and so hubby does not look up when there’s a knock. The woman goes to open and these four hefty men barge in. She bolts the door and tucks the key in her bra as the guys approach her husband. Mr. looks up and begins to say “how may I help ……….” but a punch comes before the “you” and the eba and ogbono in his mouth goes flying in seven directions. (I know I said Sunday morning but that dude is just so huge and strong he has to be having eba for breakfast).

They then proceed to tie him up and beat him to a pulp, his wife inclusive. By this time, neighbours are outside banging the door but they all just carry on like they can’t even hear. Then the neighbours call the popo who eventually threatened to break down the door. They finally open and all escape. Rme. How??????? So the police arrest both man and wife and the kids cry as they watch their parents hurled into the rickety white pickup.

I heard they have put the incident behind them now. But I wonder - how does that kind of family function again? How do they go back and live like man and wife again? I do like that the woman shocked the guy though but for her to watch him till he bled? I dunno mehn.

Everyone gets their just deserts – or not?

Have so many random tales but this post is already getting way too long for me liking. I could type a continuation on a different post. Or pick up my phone and for the umpteenth time read through my love interest’s twitter timeline.

Where there is life diaris hope.

Much love


  1. Mehn, if i was the wife, i would have a few choice words for whomever called the cops that day. so it was all good for everyone to sit around and watch her get her arse beat everyday but when the tables turn, NOW folks wanna intervene? smh.

    Unfortunately i got nothin for u on the love front.

    1. Lol you are just mean girllll. I miss you sha.xoxo

  2. Blessings....
    Domestic Violence is never right. Sadly chances are the children grooming in this household is more than likely to recreate the same set of circumstance for themselves as this is their norm. I guess the wife message is, you beat me, ah go find somebody big as you to bust your arse the same way, she put him on notice, he's been served and now he knows retribution will quickly follow. More than likely he'll curb that beating ways or prepare to defend himself when the brutes ah come visiting. Sad thing though, i hope she leaves that situation cause the lessons those children learning isn't necessarily the healthy ones.

    1. I thought so too i do wonder what the home is like these days. Do people just move on like that ? Must be haard. One thing I doubt is that she will leave. Some people never do.

  3. On loving the wrong one: Giel, i've been there. Just keep away from stuff that remind you of him. It;s a co co world
    As for domestic violence, i honestly don't gerrit too. After beating me to a pulp, you'll now bring your penis near me. How????

    1. This came too latee oh the milk has already spilled, and dried sef. I have messed up big time.See response to comment below. but ima post about it within the next one week. Im here still steady stalking your blog oh.

  4. Ermm... where do I start commenting from? Sept is almost over and I'm just reading this..smh.
    Updates please *batts eyelashes* Are you still in love with the bad boy or has he done something irrevocably unforgivable?

    Enjoy your free time... & do all the above if you can. lol just kidding

    1. The bad boy has showed me pepper oh i have pushed my stupidity very well. Im so scared to ryt about it cos I think he's a blog person too but I will I promise. Boss is bak. Work is busy again. I have 11 topics for posts but no drafts yet. yall can see i dont even have time to comment on blogs. lookin forward to the long sallah weekend. I promise you two posts. Mwah !!!!!!!!!

    2. Lool I shall be waiting :)! and where are my two blog posts madam eh?

      Keep hanging in there b :)!

  5. Hey girl, you've been tagged.
    So i'm expecting this after "the gist" post

  6. It's honestly sad how domestic violence is a regular thing in Africa. A man is so comfortable beating his wife that he does it shamelessly before her children, and the woman has such little respect for herself or care for the mental health of her children by choosing to even stay in that environment. The worst part are the neighbors. Like you sated this man has been abusing his wife for the longest and no one cared, but the second the tables turn, now they remember there is something called the police? Unbelievable

  7. @ ""but a punch comes before the “you” and the eba and ogbono in his mouth goes flying in seven directions"". hheheheheheh now that was Epic. lmao.. No be small beating oo.. i hate Violence, but the fact is that we have to face the fact. Domestic violence happens frequently in Nigeria, and sadly Families move on afterwards like nothing happened, and dont even seek help. :(.. (well we are Nigerians, sooo I guess we all have a tough skin and can endure)But the woman mean ooo.. I mean how could she have the nerve to beat up her husband till he bled? The woman get heart ooo...

    P.S: about time management, Having sex is most definitely a TOP time management technique I reccomend plenty of it.... **Winks.. But I feel you could do a lot more, write a book, go to the beach and do a little soul searching (used to do that a lot till i fell in love), travel to meet your parents on weekends, just do something fun... Cause aint no loss as painful as Time lost. Cheers Bubba.


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