Thursday, November 21, 2013


Warning :

Boring rant ahead. Proceed at your own risk.

Ehen so two of my friends(one a close friend and roomate from law school) and the other (colleague at work) have recently hooked me up.

Both stories have ended (mildly put ) disastrously. I'm not even sure what went wrong sef. But I wanna ask, has anyone been randomly hooked up with successful results before ? Or maybe I should just go ahead and narrate the whole stories sef so that you guys can tell me whether I goofed or not. I'm not burnt oh and trust me I am not looking for some yeye 'closure' cos I really didn't like any of them (maybe that was the problem sef) but then I'm hopin to see if my views are warped or something.

In other news back when I was ill I found out I had piled on a whopping extra 7kg of nonsense. Meanwhile I had been ill for a while and lost weight while stubbornly self-medicating at home so I take it I added a total of about 10 kg. I am not very vain or anything but all the weight is obviously in my tummy. Veeery embarassing

So who knows something apart from exercise that works abeg ? Spa ? Doctor ? (no knives though)

Oh yes and please do not forget my hook up question ?  For me twice is one too many. I won't be doing the nonsense again. Sadly none of my oversabi friends will get to read this.

Any thoughts ? Or should I just spill the full gist and wait for comments ( I'm good once your'e not cussin my mama)



  1. Story first, before we pronounce judgement! :p
    I've had a few friends who have gone from hookups to wedlock. So, dunno, reckon they are not entirely a waste of time....if you are open-minded.

    1. First story up already so you tell me if I'm open minded

  2. I have never been hooked up before, But there are some stories that have ended up positive, to a long serious relationship or marriage.


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