Monday, November 11, 2013



First of all please forgive the gbagauns (if any) you might trip over on d way. As usual, yours truly (employee of the year) is typing at work. At the same time I am preparing three other reports. So I will be doing one paragraph per tab and then moving on to the next tab like that until I’m done with all four. After which I shall forward to the appropriate quarters/publish without reading over.

Please this is a serious matter and I in no way intend to make light of it. Procrastination is one of my biggest problems. It’s something I pray about. I actually wait till I have just enough time not to get in trouble before I get started on stuff. And this is what I constantly do. All the time.  Without fail. Is it a spirit?

It’s how I start my day. How I live my life. I don’t remember getting a task and jumping right in. I must wait. Even if just for ten minutes. It starts in the morning. I have 4 alarms (3 phones and a tab). Why you making that face? I have two SIM cards like every normal Nigerian. The third is an ugly office phone over which I have no control.

Okay so as I was saying I have daily alarms each five minutes away from each other e.g. I have to get up at 5.30 so

Phone 1 – 5.00

Phone 2 – 5.05

Phone 3 – 5.10

Phone 4 – 5.15

At which point I snooze phone 4 for 10 minutes till 5.25 then I wake and stay still (either lying down or sitting) till I finish booting at 5.30 before I put my feet on the ground(it’s dangerous to pray lying down). I then start slowly on whatever I have to do so I can be on time. I constantly plan and time irrelevant stuff because I know I just never have a sense of urgency about anything and I’d definitely run late if I don’t constantly breathe down my own neck.

Don’t know if this is making any sense oh but I’m feeling bad about it. Since  I haven’t  made any progress regarding my New Year’s resolutions in November, I have decided to work on just one of my weaknesses to at least feel good about myself during December appraisal.

Oh yes my topic. French and sexy abi ? U neva jam lol. It actually means ……………………………………………………………………… wait for it ……………………………………………………………………………………… PROCRASTINATION PLEASE !.  Don’t ask me why abeg, just go with the flow. Don’t judge a post by its title.


Oh and yes my health is good now. Thank you muchos  muchos. One more day of rest would have perfected it but oh well, I will stalk your blogs and be fine.

Do have a productive week




  1. Haha! Four alarms is no small feat. You tried, lol. Procrastination is a dream killer. Just think of it as something you absolutely detest and don't want in your life. Sometimes it works...until the weekend comes and you're relaxed. Hehe :)

  2. I will. Maybe I'll start by just jumping up after the first alarm tomorrow. So help me God. Thanks for stopping darling.

  3. Oh shalla shalla boombaye. Sikum wakum bokum nakagada.
    You will be fine. Just add one more alarm for 4:55am.

    Passing by

  4. lol thanks for passing by. I def can't do 4.55. Jus allow me start small abeg. Much love

  5. very true about praying lying down. biko I have tried everything, I MEAN everything when praying that early. its one word then I sleep off, one bible verse then I sleep off. I am quite sure the angels are shaking their heads. LOL at 4 alarms though

    1. @ Eniola, if only God weren't so merciful. *sigh* some mornings I wake up again and beg for forgiveness. I know if I were God I'd probably just look and say 'Sleep oh you will wake up here on the other side'. lol. You should try doing it standing. No leaning. Let me know how it goes.

  6. First of all I'm happy you are feeling better hun :). And i get you girl, I can be a bit of a procrastinator too but its normal, as long as you don't let it take over your life. I love how you have the whole alarm clock thing planned out lol.


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