Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NOW THAT NYSC IS OVER ....................



Yes, everyone knows its hard to find a job these days. In fact, it does get harder everyday. But please be careful and stop being so foolishly desperate. Only very few are going to be lucky enough to get nice enough jobs immediately after their nysc. For the remaining majority of us, there is going to be a waiting period. And please be wise during the waiting period.

Make sure you have this figured out. You dont want to look confused and unserious in the near future. Now there are all kinds of courses and all kinds of jobs. If for some reason you decide not to specialise in whatever it is you studied in school, just make sure you have a concrete plan and a goal. Dont read medicine and start out marketing insurance, then get tired of the hustle and become an administrative executive and go on into advertising while writing ICAN.   Know what you want. Yes i know you want experience. You also do not want to sit at home for years. However remember that you need to have a passion for something to excel at it. Also like i said finding a job isnt so easy. You might make it to the interview stage when it will be discovered that your experience is totally irrelevant and that you are still clueless and immature. When you decide early enough, you make sure everything you do works towards what you eventually want to do. Having the knowledge from relevant experience in your head and on your cv is undoubtedly a confidence booster.

2. YOUR C.V.
Very cliche, yes but also very important.
a. The name of your village is not important
b. It doesnt need to be five pages. Except you are a lecturer with 5 degrees,6 professional qualifications and publications in international learned journals. I dont know why people still do this. Its common sense. It'll get tossed !
c. Please for the love of God, do not write "referees available on request".How many of your friends have actually been called to provide the phone numbers for their referees. Be smart. Inform the people you intend to use on your c.v. as referees so they are not caught by surprise.
d.Be ready to edit it. I know after applying for a while it gets tiring, and we just send the cvs all the time the same way. Once in a while find out whether or not there have been changes in the way CVs are written.Also edit it in a way that will appeal to the particular employer. In other words , TAILOR YOUR CV TO SUIT THE ADVERT.
A lot of people  fall victim to so many funny things. Dont be blinded by your desperation. Better safe than sorry. A lot of "recruiting agents" are actually just thieves. You cant afford to just believe everything you see. I hear some people actually go to Nysc albums to get people to send text messages and e-mails from. Take this example from my phone:
                      Hi, BARR how are u doin, I am BARR EZE MARK AKUNNA, after d law 
                     school my inlaw assist me wit a Job offer in SPDC Shell, in bonny Island Rivers St.
                     His father is a HRH so the company normally asks his father to provide 2 candidates.
                     As his father is late, my inlaw is the only son and he was asked to provide 2 candidate
                     now. Call me 4 more update.08135032214.
Yes people still believe this sort of thing. I still hope to call this guy someday when i have the chance but that is off topic. My point is, be careful when you get such unbelievable offers. The truth is these people actually prey on desperation and gullibility. Be careful when you have to pay to even get an interview. In some places you drop your c.v. alongside an application fee. And theres no guarantee that you will get the job.Beware of things like

I have been trying to call you but the network is bad,there is an ongoing recruitment in Nigerian Agip Oil Company in Rivers State and my in-law is the recruitment officer and I have discussed about you with him,you can call him with this number 080********. Am Bob Jones we served together.

Also people do not pay "commitment fee". Be careful about all those tiny boxes in Tuesday Guardian. Also do not pay "visa processing and connection fees" for an oil job in Kuwait. Be on the lookout when you go for interviews in extremely hidden, obscure places.

Finally remember, its just a waiting period. Before you, people waited. Now they have jobs. After you, people will wait. Rest well as you will miss it when the job comes I can assure you.Try develop a hobby and stay cheerful. The wait will end. Just like school. And Nysc.

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  1. heheheheheheh @ The name of your village is not impoRRant.. lmao! Eeezz not a joking sturvzz oh bubba! I still dont get why awon recruitment scammers will be exploiting change from NYSC leavers.. I mean how much do they make off of them.. and how many of these scammers have used these money's to build house at Ajah?! Answer.. Ehhmmmm... NONE! Ezz just a crazy something biko.. All in all yeah.. like my most favorite quote of all time goes.. "At the end of everything yeah.. everything will be alright.. So if everything is not alright now ba.. then ye are not at the end.. " Plus Like you said Ms TLG.. Its all a waiting phase that will pass too.. So i just feel we need to be patient.. na small smalll.. Plus hey! "Start small Think Big" wasnt coined for shereY shereY nah.. Its true.. Cheers Bubba...

    P.S: As you are doing us promise and fail ni.. a 23 years 5 months 23 days SomeboRRy decided to travel back in time.. Dont worry yaself again.. #NoPressure.. There are enough posts for me to make mad unprotected love to in your archives **Wears Evil smile.. Take ya time :)


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