Thursday, August 29, 2013


1. What was your favourite subject in school ? Literature
2.  Best food ? Mixed Shawarma with double sausage
3.  Second best ? Mixed Shawarma with single sausage. Yes !

4.  Favourite sport ? Sleep

5.  Favourite clothing ? Tank top n shorts
6.   Heels or flats ? Flats (Life is too short to be hustling heels. Really should learn tho)
7.  Favourite animal ? The hen (Cooked)
8.  Favourite TV show ? How I met your mother and Boston Legal

9.  Current phone ? HTC Desire V with a two long cracks on the screen.Vertical and horizontal.
10. What quote do you live by ? Life is too short
11. Favourite number ? 5. A good way to say 'waka'
12. Hobbies ? Online window shopping and eating
13. Pet peeves ? A loud voice that pierces my earphones and spoils my jammings
14. Phone you want now ? Q10 pere. Any takers ?

15. When is your birthday ? January 4th(*ducking stones from childhood friends*)
16. Do you own a gun ? Not yet. Sooner than soon tho
17. What don't you like about yourself ? The vicious way I snooze my alarm

18. What's in your pocket right now ? Sweet wrapper n 50 bucks
19. Where do you work ? U wanna stalk me ni ?
20. Best time of the day ? Bedtime
21. First crush ? Don't remember o. Lets just say Ramsey Nouah

22. A memory that keeps haunting me ? Stealing Ada's jollof rice
23. Top item on my bucket list - Exotic vacation sponsored by someone else
24. Turn ons - The smell of good perfume n hot shawarma
25. Bad habit- Shopping on pay day
26. Current mood- Tired and hungry
27. Worst food - Fufu. I'll never try it
28. Memorable prank - When me n Ayoola used to sneak love notes in Wumi's locker from some   
secret crush
29. Favourite Christmas song ? God rest ye merry gentlemen
30. Favourite color ? Red
31. Talking or texting ? Texting (I'm a big pretender)
32. What do you think of you ex ? Right now, thunder fire am
33. School or work ? School(wit plenty pocket moni sha)
34. Favourite channel ? Crime
35. Innie or outtie ? Innie
36. If you could rob a closet ? Nkiru Anumudu
37. Favourite season ? Rainy
38. Exclamation you always use ? Chooiiii / Sweet baby Jesus
39. Favourite ice cream ? Birthday cake
40. Movies to watch over and over ? Sex and the City
41. You'd spend your last money on ? Credit
42. Make one wish - A never empty bank account



  1. Blessings..
    You made me smile
    like you sense of humor

    stay blessed.

  2. You are a fun and funny girl! I wish you lived close to me!

    1. Thanks Linda. This means a lot. Too bad I don't live around. I stalk your blog though. Does that count ?

  3. Lol.u r so much fun.I love d "ducks stones from childhood friends"

  4. Awwww thanks dearie. Actually the explanation is that school always resumed Jan 5th, 6th or 7th after Christmas. When I got tired of buying birthday gifts for my school friends without getting any, I changed my birthday myself. lol. Thanks for stopping.

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  6. Lmaooo you sound a lot like me really :D

    P.S: We could be twins you know...separated at birth....with the way my mom says thank God i wasn't a twin...*looking suspicious*

    *I winced when i saw "sounds*

    1. Sit momc down. Tell her you're old enough to handle the real truth. Tell her to hold her bible in her hand. Get ready for it


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